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The Bloedorn family arrived in Wyoming shortly after the end of WWI during a time of westward expansion. The town of Torrington, Wyoming was beginning to flourish. Due to this development, founders C.F.W. Bloedorn and A.O. Bloedorn purchased lumber yard sites in both Torrington, Wyoming and the nearby town of Lingle.

In April of 1919, original stockholders C.F.W. Bloedorn, A.O. Bloedorn, B.J. Hilsabeck, and H.B. Bloedorn incorporated the Torrington Lumber & Coal Company. The lumber yard purchased in bulk and supplied other lumber yards in Wyoming as well as in Nebraska. As time passed, the lumber company grew, and eventually A.O. Bloedorn began focusing his attention on the development of Bloedorn Lumber Company, while business associate Charlie D. Cook managed the Torrington lumber yard.

The Expansion of a Lumber Company

As the years went by, the lumber yard’s operation changed and grew. A truck was purchased for delivery to bring material to the lumber yard from the railroad, and merchandise was expanded.

Bloedorn Lumber Company’s expansion eventually took the business to larger towns, cities, and states, and by April of 1953, a new store and corporate office were constructed. While farm and ranch items became less prominent, other items, such as electrical materials, plumbing supplies, and kitchen cabinets became a bigger part of Bloedorn Lumber’s inventory. Bloedorn Lumber became an all around home improvement store.